RFP Residential Solid Waste Collection Services 2017

The City of Filer is requesting proposals for the curbside collection, transportation, and disposal of residential solid waste within the City of Filer and provision of 4 port-a-potty restrooms. The City is also considering implementing recycling options for the city and each qualified firm should submit two bids:

1) Meeting the general requirements above; and (2) Meeting the general requirements above and including the implementation of a recycling option.

Qualified firms are invited to submit a sealed proposal in the format outlined in the Request for Proposals Residential Solid Waste Collection Services 2017 to the Filer City Clerk, 300 Main Street, Filer, Idaho, 83328, no later than 1:00 p.m., AUGUST 30th, 2017. Proposals received by the deadline will be publically opened at that time. City staff will review the proposals provided and prepare a recommendation for the City council to review and award a contract. The contract will be awarded to the qualified bidder submitting the proposal with the lowest price complying with the bidding procedures and meeting the specifications for the services sought. For more information please see the link below for the full bidding advertisement.

Residential Solid Waste Collection Services 2017