The Filer Fire Department was established in 1928. Members were summoned to a fire by a dinner bell, later by a large bell and in the early 1940's, a siren. The siren was set in a tower 15 feet above the fire station which was housed with the city offices and the jail, which is located at 228 Main Street. Along with the siren, a telephone call to firemen's residences was used until the late 1980's.The fire department is in the same location it has been for over 75 Years.

The fire department originally only had one fire engine, and in 1966 another fire engine was added to the fleet and more since then.

The Filer Rural Fire District is housed in the same fire station. It was established a as a Mutual Fire Insurance Company which consisted of departments through the county working together to fight rural fires. In the mid 1990's, the fire districts were created . Filer Fire Rural Fire District covers rural area's around Filer which include Curry Crossing, Highway 93, and Clover.