The City of Filer requires dogs within city limits be licensed. The license cost is $5.00 per dog per year; each license is renewable every January 1st. If a dog is picked up it will be taken to Fairview Veterinary Clinic in Buhl (543-2600). The owner will be required to come into City Hall and pay fees as listed below before the dog will be released from Fairview.

1st time impound is $10 plus the $15 boarding per day charged by Fairview Veterinary Clinic. Each time a dog is picked up after that, the impound fee doubles (from $10 to $20 to $40 and so on.)

A Kennel License is required for more than 3 dogs at one residence for $25.00 and requires City Council approval.

Other Licenses that are required by the City are: Daycare, Mobile Home Parks, Fireworks, & Liquor Licenses and Transient Vendor License for Temporary Door to Door sales.

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